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Keep your family entertained these school holidays

09 Apr 2020

A family laughing and smiling while on a walk.

Hints and tips for enjoying the school holidays

  • Have a plan: With children involved, things might not happen the way you hoped but having a plan to begin with can definitely help.
  • Schedule lots of activities: Each activity is only meant to engage your child for 30min - 1 hour. This means you’ll need to create a schedule involving a few different activities to keep your child stimulated throughout the day. You don’t need to plan every minute of every day – allow for flexibility. Sometimes your child will want to do something else or want to keep doing an activity for longer.
  • Be prepared: Some activities might require ingredients or supplies, so you may want to prepare for them ahead of time.
  • Take a break: Create solo activities that ensure your child is engaged but doesn’t require your constant involvement. This will allow you to take a break as well. If you’re stressed your child may become stressed too, so ensure you take the time you need and be kind to yourself.